Stuck on the Game?

Happy Wheels demo is one of the hardest games around which is just one reason why it’s so addictive, but there can be times when you feel like never playing the game again because you’re stuck on one particular level. The first thing to remember is that there are loads of difficult levels on the demo, so just keep trying different things to see if you can get past the bit that you’re stuck on or not.

Don’t forget that some characters in the game are better at certain things, so it might be a good idea to try using a couple of different characters to see if that helps you out at all. If you still can’t get past a level when you’re playing the Happy Wheels demo then you still have a couple of options which are:

Firstly, you can take a look on YouTube to see if there are any guides or walkthroughs for the particular level that you’re finding difficult. If you’re finding it tough then there’s a high chance that someone else also found it tough which means that a few people might have put up a walkthrough to help others out. Just search the name of the level that you’re stuck on using YouTube and see if you can find anything.

Another thing that you can do is to search for the “name of level – walkthrough” too, because sometimes people talk about how to get past certain levels on forums and other websites.

Last but not least, you can also visit this Happy Wheels tips page to see if any of these tips will help you become better at the Happy Wheels demo, you might learn something from it!

However, don’t forget that practice makes perfect so if you just keep playing it you might be surprised about how good you get after a while. It always feels better to get past a level without using walkthroughs and guides so try to avoid them if you can when you’re playing the demo!

Other Happy Wheels Sites

There are loads of great sites that are related to the Happy Wheels demo, here are just some of them that we’d recommened: has loads of information about Happy Wheels. Some of the things include a Happy Wheels review, list of characters, tips for playing the game, best videos from YouTube, list of the special items that you can find in the game and obviously you can also play the demo on there too!

Total Jerkface is the name of the company that created the Happy Wheels demo. On this site you’ll be able to get updates on the game to see what new characters and levels that they are about to add to the game and so on. There’s also a forum that lets you talk with other gamers but that’s currently down at the moment.

Happy Wheels on Youtube

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of Happy Wheels videos on Youtube so it’s well worth taking a look. Keep an eye out for PewDiePie and TobyGames because both of these people are incredibly funny to watch. Most of their videos are just videos of them playing Happy Wheels which mightn’t sound like a lot of fun, but we promise that it is. There’s a reason why many of their videos have millions of views!